Post Christmas Post

I’m happy to announce that I made my quota of 3 workouts during Christmas week. Yep even trainers can struggle with fitting in fitness into the holidays! Were they super intense and well planned out? nope. Not by any means! But I did do at least 30 minutes each time, got my heart rate up and used the whole body so I am satisfied.

How did your Christmas week go?

Honestly this was probably the best Christmas for me in terms of wondering about weight gain.  I had to weigh myself before my midwife appointment the other  day and it’s probably the first time gaining weight was a good thing so she was happy with me since I had lost a couple pounds last visit haha! Go figure eh?

Feel free to post your favorite holiday workout/activity that you were able to do this season!

Happy New Year (tonight!) watch those drinks for calories and don’t drink and drive. Focus on friends, (drinking water) and dancing the night away!

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Think About it Thursday: Holiday Weigh In

Christmas season is only about a month right? For some it’s more for some it’s less.  But if you work in an office of any sort there are bound to be copious amounts of treats brought in by either your coworkers or clients, patients and the like.  It gets hard to resist those short breads and decadent chocolates day after day and I am thankful I do not work in an office (even still I get bombarded with goodies when I visit my husband’s clinic!).

So between day to day work temptations and the parties of friends and families it is almost inevitable that no matter how good your diet is you will indulge a little more over the holiday season.  Statistics say (and I use that loosely as they are based on….what? But this sounds reasonable) that the average adult will gain about 2lbs over the holidays that they will NOT lose. If you gain more but are able to shed some of that weight with those first 2-3 weeks of New Years resolutions you may still have a lingering 2lbs hangin on. Those 2lbs can accumulate over the years especially with age. Here are a couple websites that can give you ideas (and back up what I just said) on how to curb the poundage through exercise and alternatives for cooking and Christmas activities (like snacking all. day. long.)

Military Fitness- Staying Fit Over the Holidays

Holiday Weight Gain Myths & Alternatives to Conquer Them! I really liked some of these suggestions

So don’t give up eating how you normally eat (assuming it’s fairly healthy!) during the week, don’t starve yourself so you can pig out, it doesn’t work. And don’t skip your workouts! Try to schedule around events you can still get 3 in a week even if it’s just a 30 minute video in your living room or a brisk hour long walk with the family. Fit in physical activity and replace mindless eating between meals with games, reading, WATER (warm it up it goes down easier in the winter!) and you can stay on track while still enjoying your holiday!

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Workout Wednesday: Deck the Halls with Medicine Balls

I found 25 must try medicine ball exercises on and thought I’d combine a few into a workout. For most exercises you could possibly exchange it for a dumbbell or a heavy/weighted object. I would not suggest using anything but a medicine ball for the throwing or slamming exercises. Please refer to this link on how to perform the exercises if you do not already know how.

Always make sure to warm up dynamically (that is with movement) at least 5 minutes minimum!
I would suggest doing each section 2-3x in a row before moving on to the next one for a better burn :)

Full Body Festivities
10-12 Rock and Roll up
10-12 Lunge with a Twist
10-15 Squat Press & Throw

Fa La La La Lower Body Ballin’
10-12 Reaching Romanian Deadlift
10-12 Step Jumps (how low can you go?)
10-12 Single Leg Butt Lift

11 Pipers Pipes (aka the gun show)
8-12 (or as many with good form) Rolling Push ups
8-12 Ball Flyes
8-12 (each direction) Figure 8′s

Caroling for Core
8-12 V ups
10-12 Overhead Slams
12-15 Hay Bailers

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Fitness Fact Friday: Losing Weight Without Dieting

Smaller PortionsIs it really possible? Or is this just a trick for intense crazy workouts 7 days a week? Yes and Nope. However when I say dieting I mean it in terms of “follow this plan and lose 20lbs in 2 weeks!” kinda deal, or you’re only allowed certain foods and have to cut out all others type diets.  I am not and have never been a fan of “diets” per say. I love food and don’t think I will ever be one of those veggies and grain fed meat only and never ever have dessert types. Most people are not.

Having a healthy diet on the other hand is necessary as an important part of losing weight and having good health. So just because you don’t have to go ON a diet doesn’t mean you won’t have to make adjustments to how and what you eat.

Here is a great little slide show that will give you plenty of smart, easy and practical tips to help you start making better choices when it comes to your stomach.  And with the Christmas season approaching, heck it’s already here,  these tips are sure to come in handy to avoid gaining those 2 pounds we in North America statistically never lose as we get older (and those 2lbs can turn into 20 real quick if you’re not careful!).

If it seems like a daunting task just pick 3 tips you feel you could take and put into practice. You don’t have to do them all, set a goal for yourself and enjoy life while being the healthiest you you can be!

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Training Tip Tuesday: Facts on Tuesday

No laziness hasn’t been why I’ve not been posting it’s this blasted site again. Like I said if you’re looking for workouts you can check out my workouts blog here especially as I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to post here regularly.

As for today it’s a number crunching day. Though this should be a Fitness Fact Friday, who knows if I’ll be able to post on Friday right?

Check out this infographic from of  fitness “facts” (give or take it varies for each individual);


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Think About it Thursday: Your Feet & Your Workout

I work pretty closely with a chiropodist (a foot doctor/specialist) and my eyes have been opened to the atrocities we put our feet through, which in turn ends up affecting our whole body.  From flats and high heels to Uggs and old sneakers we need to take care of our feet by choosing wisely what we wear on them.

When it comes to your workout, exercise and physical activities you need to have the right foot wear even if you do it occasionally or lightly.  There is a great article about choosing the best shoes for your activity by WebMD that I’ll link here but I’ll summarize below;

1. Don’t just grab an athletic type/whatever’s lying around when your friends want to go hiking or you’re trying a new bootcamp.  You’ll probably end up with blisters or worse injuring yourself.

2. Having a great shoe but one that isn’t suited to your activity/sport. A running shoe goes in one direction; forward. A basketball shoe needs support laterally for the movement on the court. So don’t think you can wear runners and play ball or your ball shoes and go for a 5km jog. Ouch. (LOTS more information on choosing the right shoe for your activity in the article!)

3. Wearing your sports shoe for everything. Try and keep your fitness shoes just for those activities and wear different foot wear for errands and around town stuff.

4. Wearing them too long. I confess I do this often…doesn’t mean I can justify it. Even though your shoes may still look good (especially if you spend time cleaning them like my husband hehe) the cushion and support on the insides wear out before you can notice the wear and tear on the outside.  There are different guidelines depending on your activity, your shoe, how much you use them etc so look it up and make a wise choice. If the cost of shoes is a problem I recommend SVP Sports and clearance racks at National Sports and other sports stores. Good shoes don’t have to be the latest model!

5. If you haven’t been in your sport long, or haven’t had much guidance or education in the “shoe business” ask for help at a store that has people who know what they’re talking about. They can measure you and direct you to the appropriate shoe for your activity.

I hope this helps! You don’t want to end up at my chiropodist in 10 years with feet problems because you didn’t read 5 little tips right? :)

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Workout Wednesday: What IS a Pregnancy Workout Anyway?

I’m not going to beat around the bush, I am for the most part disappointed when I google or pinterest pregnancy workouts and it’s the same “all fours, reach out, sitting on a ball” type exercises.  I have come to realize (as seen in my tips yesterday) that if you were doing squats and push ups and sprints and running and burpees and bootcamp before you were pregnant and have had no complications in your first month or two after realizing you were pregnant…then just keep doing what you were doing.

That being said I have also been warned by friends and their doctors (not directly) but if you have not been doing any exercise before now is not the time to start. I would suggest walking and a healthy diet.

So if you’ve been doing light workouts a few times a week then stick to that, if you’ve been more intense 5 days a week you can stick to that too, though for both if you feel tired rest and maybe don’t push for a personal best.

So here’s my “pregnancy” workout I’ll be doing tomorrow that I found via pinterest; I will probably do AMAP for 30 seconds to start and see how I feel.

AMRAP workout for bootcamp ideas!

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